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Maximum professional grade odor
removal machines have the ability to
get rid of odors, control germs, VOC's,
destroy smoke, kill mold spores, and much more thus cleaning
and deodorizing the indoor environment, leaving behind fresh, breathable air.

We have now electronically reproduced the process by which mother nature cleans the air outdoors. Here the safe hydroxyl ions, negative ions, and ultraviolet light goes to work oxidizing indoor air pollutants turning them into harmless carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Every time the sun comes up, every time lightning strikes across the sky, nature cleans and deodorizes the air. Our high capacity odor removal machines use negative ions, hydroxyl ions and ultraviolet light to safely duplicate that process,  "harnessing it ", so to speak and brings that cleansing action indoors to naturally kill odors and germs. 

Our odor removal machines eliminate the need for toxic aerosol sprays and dangerous chemical deodorizers.

Maximum's air purification systems take odor removal, deodorizing and sanitizing to an entirely new level providing a purified air environment for people suffering from indoor 2nd hand cigarette smoke, mold, asthma, allergies, respiratory and sinus problems, chemical sensitivity, and diseases caused by pathogens. 

There's no need to suffer with odors any longer. Give yourself the gift of fresh air anytime you need it. Maximum's professional odor removal systems are designed to eliminate odors and kill mold at the source. Problems with mold, odors or smoke? Need the best odor remover? Our deodorizers are guaranteed to work. Heavy duty ozone technologies are a proven and effective way to destroy smoke, VOC's, mold and odors of any type. Deodorizing machines that eliminate the need for toxic aerosols sprays and handling of dangerous chemical deodorizers.

Everyday around the world, our odor removal machines are put to work deodorizing the air in homes, hospitals, nursing homes, schools and more. In fact, your likely to find one of our deodorizing, and sanitizing odor removal machines anywhere you find an odor problem.

People everywhere have come to rely on Maximum's odor removal and germ control technology to solve any number of problems with their indoor air quality.

Our air sanitizing systems are not medical devices and do not treat people's health problems, we treat their indoor air environment making the air as fresh, clean, comfortable and safe to breathe as modern technology can possibly provide.​

Maximum Negative Ionizers, Hydroxyl Generators and Ultraviolet Sterilizers destroy odors, sanitize and deodorize hospital rooms, homes, offices, vehicles, and institutions every day around the world.

These anti-microbial technologies kill all unwanted odors at the molecular level. Our odor removal machines deodorize and kill 99% of odors (smoke, pet, cooking), control allergens (dust mite and pet dander), nail polish, cigarette smoke odor (a toxic mix of over 3000 different types of chemicals), VOC's (Formaldehyde, Benzene, and more). 

Maximum's odor removal machines with negative ion, hydroxyl and uv technology are non-invasive, environmentally safe and are FDA, EPA, approved and CERTIFIED ORGANIC. These all natural processes can eliminate many environmental health issues. There are no chemicals, no residue and no byproducts. Our odor removal machines keep your property smelling crisp and cleansed.​

Our odor removal technologies are broad-based deodorizing air sanitizers that reach inaccessible areas that usual chemical sanitation methods cannot reach. They deodorize and sanitize every inch of your, office or business including the duct work and behind walls when applied directly to those areas. Your property will be sanitized and completely deodorized. It will smell like you are standing next to a waterfall or a spring day after a thunderstorm. The new air is the freshest and healthiest that you will ever experience. 
Guaranteed Odor Removal Machines

Hydroxyl generators  - Negative Ionizers - Ultraviolet Sterilizers  remove pet odors, stop smoke and odors plus kill mold and germs.
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